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A Survey of Likely Democratic Primary Voters
June 18, 2018

1. On August 28th, there will be a Democratic primary for Governor, Senator, and other offices. How likely are you to vote in the Democratic primary?

Almost Certain 79%
Probably 10%
50-50 11%

Now, please give me your opinion about some of the Democrats running for Governor in Florida. What is your opinion of…

Favorable Unfavorable Not sure
2. Andrew Gillum 26% 10% 64%
3. Gwen Graham 43% 9% 48%
4. Chris King 29% 11% 60%
5. Phillip Levine 36% 13% 51%
6. Jeff Greene 11% 21% 68%

7. If the Democratic primary for Florida governor were today and the candidates were Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, Chris King, Phillip Levine, and Jeff Greene for whom would you vote?

Andrew Gillum 8%
Gwen Graham 26%
Chris King 15%
Phillip Levine 27%
Jeff Greene 3%
Someone else/not sure 21%

8. In general, do you believe that things in Florida are going in the right direction, or are things going in the wrong direction?

Right direction 29%
Wrong direction 48%
Not sure 23%

7. For statistical purposes only, what is your race?

African-American 30%
White 41%
Hispanic 20%
Asian 1%
Other/prefer not to say 8%

8. What is your gender?

Women 59%
Men 41%

9. What is your age?

18-29 12%
30-39 13%
40-49 11%
50-69 33%
70+ 19%
Unknown 12%

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Kim Alfano

Kim Alfano is the President and CEO of Alfano Communications. Since starting her firm in 1990, Kim's become one of the country's leading Republican media strategists.

Brad Anderson

Former Iowa state director for President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee for Iowa Secretary of State in 2014. Anderson has worked on local, national and international campaigns since 1997.

John Del Cecato

Partner at AKPD Message & Media. John has worked at the highest levels of Democratic politics for more than two decades.

John Davis

Former Congressional Chief of Staff with over a decade of experience on Capitol Hill. Davis has worked on local and national campaigns across the country since 1999.

David Kochel

Owner of Redwave Communications, David has more than 30 years of political and public affairs experience serving as a senior consultant to many successful Republican and corporate clients across the country.