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RABA Research

Fast. Fair.

RABA stands for “Red America, Blue America.” We believe polling and data is most useful when presented accurately and fairly through an unbiased lens.

About Us

Why "RABA"?

RABA stands for "Red America, Blue America." We believe that polling methods and data are most impactful when presented accurately and fairly through an unbiased lens.


RABA Research was founded in early 2016 by a bipartisan group of political professionals who have worked for candidates, issues, organizations, and corporations across the globe.

Our Clients

We’ve worked for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, private corporations, organized labor, governors, legislators, and organizations that fight for tax reform. Our clients come in all varieties.

"RABA's opinion research is helping us build momentum for action in Congress and agricultural states to support farmers and fight climate change. Their well-designed, thoughtfully-written surveys have been extremely helpful to our work.”
Karen Perry Stillerman
Senior Strategist, Food and Agriculture, Union of Concerned Scientists

How we Operate

Our leadership team is made up of experienced leaders with a proven track record.

Polling Methods

Our mix of telephone, SMS, and online polling allows us to reach a diverse group of respondents that match the survey universe in terms of age, race, education, and income.

Actionable results

RABA provides a detailed, easily-to-digest report for our clients to use in making key decisions, to share with stakeholders, or to release to the media.

Our team

John Davis

Former Congressional Chief of Staff with over a decade of experience on Capitol Hill. Davis has worked on local and national campaigns across the country since 1999.

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John Del cecato

Partner at AKPD Message & Media. John has worked at the highest levels of Democratic politics for more than two decades.

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Kim Alfano

Kim Alfano is the President and CEO of Alfano Communications. Since starting her firm in 1990, Kim’s become one of the country’s leading Republican media strategists.

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Michael Starr Hopkins

Michael Starr Hopkins is the Founding Partner of Northern Starr Strategies. Michael worked on the Presidential campaigns of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Delaney.

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David Kochel

Owner of Redwave Communications, David has more than 30 years of political and public affairs experience serving as a senior consultant to many successful Republican and corporate clients across the country.

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Media Outlets Where Our Polls Have Appeared
"RABA Research works hand in hand with clients to develop comprehensive strategies that propel candidate and organizational goals. With accurate and timely results, RABA is a terrific partner.”
Jim Kottmeyer
Partner, GPS Impact