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Kim Alfano

Kim Alfano is the President and CEO of Alfano Communications.

Since starting her advertising firm in 1990, Kim’s become one of the country’s leading
Republican media strategists.

Alfano Communications is known for its stellar client list, consulting many outstanding
Republican leaders including Governors Mitch Daniels, Terry Branstad, Bob Riley,
Frank Keating and Jim Gilmore, Senators Dick Lugar and Lamar Alexander,
Congressman JC Watts and Tom Cole, and the presidential races of Senators Fred
Thompson and John Ashcroft.

And she is fast becoming known for her passionate work to help promote and pass
education and criminal justice reforms.

Kim began her career at the Republican National Committee in 1987 when she was just
19 years old. There she helped create the committee’s fundraising and party building
films as well as producing radio and TV advertising. In 1990, Kim worked with Koppel
Communications Inc. helping create the “Koppel Report” specials for ABC and PBS. In
1992, Kim worked with the National Republican Congressional Committee where she
helped write and direct the committee’s national advertising.

Notably – Kim Started her own consulting firm right out of college, at the age of 23, and
was the media consultant on the winning campaigns of Governor Frank Keating and
Congressman J.C. Watts in her first cycle.

Selected by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as a “Rising Star” early in her career,
Alfano has received numerous awards and recognition for her outstanding work. She’s
won 18 POLLIE awards, including the top statewide Republican ad in the nation She
won a top Reed award for the best political ad in the nation, and another Reed award
for the top advocacy/issue ad in the nation. She’s taken home 4 ADDY awards, 8
AURORA awards, 4 Omni awards, 5 AXIEM Awards and 4 Aegis national awards. She
was named the Mentor of the Year by the Public Leadership Education Network, and
the documentary film “Oklahoma City: Amazing Grace”, which she produced and
directed, was selected for presentation in the New York Independent Film and Video
Festival. Kim was a 2001 Campaign’s and Elections’ “Mover & Shaker”, Washington
Magazine named Kim a “Person to Watch”, and Business Forward Magazine named
her one of Washington’s, “Next Network” of DC power brokers.

Kim is often quoted as a political and communications expert in many major publications
and has appeared on every major network as well.

Most importantly, Kim’s daughter Isabella is her favorite thing in the world.